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Team building events

Team building, customer entertaining, relationship building, staff incentives, year-end functions and group get-togethers.  

Price: R 480 pp

Includes, 2 glasses of wine pp (please bring extra if required) or 1x mock tail or cocktail.

Culinary team building events are perfect for entertaining clients, celebrating achievements, motivating employees, welcoming new recruits or just taking the heat in the kitchen.

Designed according to the selected theme cooking is performed in small groups offering a variety of dishes with a definite competitive ‘flavour’!

Each group is guided through the cooking processes and hands on creativity whilst inspiring the most reluctant of ‘chefs’.

We accommodate 10 participants maximum per cook-off.

The competitive edge offers:

  • Mystery basket Cook-offs.
  • Amazing Race concepts – finding ingredients and then cooking off to a recipe.
  • Beg, Borrow, Barter, Bribe concepts – having to trade ingredients to cook.
  • Set menu options, divided into three teams for the Starter, The Main course and Dessert.

What’s excluded (but can be arranged on your behalf if required):
Additional Bar/Drinks

Terms And Conditions

Our courses and classes are based on course material, recipes, commodities and ingredients relating to the course/class participants have signed up for.

Should any class whatsoever be unattended we unfortunately do not refund any amount and do not exchange one class for another.

Please Note!

Recipes are designed according to fresh seasonal ingredients purchased daily from markets and food outlets and depending on what commodities are available and menus are designed accordingly.


Full payment is required to secure your booking.  Please send proof of payment to:


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We accept cash, EFT and direct deposits, we do not accept credit cards.